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The new way to communicate with your guests and keep them updated.

How it

Backpackers are online more than ever during their travels. Meet your guests where they are - on their phones.

1. Sam arrives to hostel

He want’s to meet other people but everyone’s is sitting with their phones in the common room..

2. He logs on to wi-fi

..and is shown a welcome page. Here he gets updated on what’s happening at the hostel today.
How the welcome page works

3. He meets other guests

In the Comundu app Sam arranges to meet up with Sophie before the hostel pubcrawl tonight.
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Why it works

We think a common room full of phones is just as sad as you do. Get your guests off their phones and encourage them to meet up!


97% of your guests connect to your wifi - reach them all with the wifi welcome page!
Make sure they’re updated on what’s happening at the hostel and in the city.


A good hostel stay is all about the people you meet and the experiences you have together.
With the Comundu app your guests can always see what’s happening and arrange to meet up.


We support you! Join a growing network of Comundu hostels.
Recommend other hostels in the app and encourage guests to book directly on their website.

We’re quite popular...

We’ve already helped a ton of guests to meet up during their hostel stay - and a lot of hostels to reach their guests with awesome activities and offers. Here’s what they have to say.
Blanka Somlyai
Manager at Avenue Hostel, Budapest
”We've been using Comundu since the Summer 2015 and our guests really like it! Last week two american guests invited the whole hostel for Thanks Giving dinner in the kitchen. They couldn't do that without Comundu”
Meghan Negele
Manager at PLUS Prague
”We're a big hostel with more than 500 beds, and Comundu is a great way for us to reach everyone with the activities we offer - and to bring our guests together”
James Clancy
Manager at Isaac's Hostel, Dublin
”We've been looking for the right platform to communicate with our current guests for a while - Comundu is just what we needed”
United Kingdom
”I used Comundu at Czech Inn Hostel in Prague. I absolutely love the concept! I posted and asked the hostel about a restaurant recommendation and ended up going with four other guests because they saw the post”
”It's so cool to have a place where you can see who else is staying at the hostel - and find people to go out with. We ended up having quite a party at the rooftop at The Hive Hostel in Budapest!”

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In the press

A team of

Comundu was born out of our own needs. We’ve been working in hostels and travelled most of the world - Comundu is made by travellers for travellers.
Lasse Grosen
Co-founder and CEO
Mia Grosen
Co-founder and CMO
Mads Lee Jensen
Lead Software Engineer
Rasmus Nielsen
Lead Product Design
Andreas Nørgaard
Software Engineer
Michael Clausen
Co-founder and CTO
Morten Damm Jespersen
Chairman of the Board
Henning Arp Hansen
Member of the Board
Andrew Drummond
Content creator
Salomea Cichowska
Social media
Rasmus Skjold
Marketing analysist

Our vision

We know by heart that we will be backpackers - in one way or the other - for the rest of our lives. And we know that you probably feel the same way.

Because that's the thing with backpackers, often we think the same way.

We like to look at maps, we like to discover new places, we like to avoid the crowd of tourist and we love to share our stories in the common room of a nice hostel. And that's exactly the spirit we wish to embrace by creating Comundu.

We know by heart that we will be backpackers -

in one way or the other - for the rest of our lives.

If we can help backpackers share more stories, meet more people and have even more fun our dream is fulfilled.

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